Digital Flow Calibrators

The Defender series of primary flow meters offer light, ultra-compact Dry-Cal technology for calibrating sampling pumps. Easy to use, they measure volumetric flow and standardised flow and correct for temperature and pressure.

Part NumberDescription 
P112107 Dry-flo flowmeter 510-L 5-500ml/min
P112108 Dry-flo flowmeter 510-M  50-5000 ml/min
P112109 Dry-flo flowmeter 510-H  300-30,000 ml/min
P112110 Dry-flo flowmeter 520-L with pressure/temp sensor 5-500 ml/min
P112111 Dry-flo flowmeter 520-M with pressure/temp sensor 50-5000 ml/min
P112112 Dry-flo flowmeter 520-H with pressure/temp sensor 300-30,000 ml/min