Other Accessories

Impingers and Bubblers

Impingers are glass tubes designed to collect airborne contaminants by bubbling the sampled air though an adsorbing liquid. This is then analysed to determine contaminant level. Please consult your standardised method. See more

Tedlar Bags

These are grab sampling bags for sampling gases and vapours. Made from chemically inert Tedlar, they are re-usable if purged with nitrogen and have either stainless steel or polypropylene fittings. See more

Low Flow Adaptor

A low flow adaptor enables a high flow sampling pump to operate at the lower flow rates required by some standardised methods (2-200ml per min). See more

Field Rotameters

We have a range of flow meters to calibrate your personal sampling pump in the field. It is recommended that all pumps are calibrated pre and post sample. See more

Digital Flow Calibrators

The Defender series of primary flow meters offer light, ultra-compact Dry-Cal technology for calibrating sampling pumps. Easy to use, they measure volumetric flow and standardised flow and correct for temperature and pressure. See more

Tygon Tubing

Tygon E-3603 tubing is ideal for use with personal sampling pumps. It has outstanding chemical resistance and slips easily over fittings, gripping securely. See more