Respirable Dust Fraction Sampling Heads

Respirable fraction sampling heads are specifically designed to separate out the smaller dust fractions which travel further into the human airways and are generally more harmful. The collection efficiency curve meets the ACGIH/ISO/CEN standards for a respirable curve with a median 50% cut point of 4micron.

The cyclones work by physical separation of particles, whilst the conical inhalable head operates by utilising size selective foams which can also give other PM fractions of particulates.

Part Number Description
116000B Higgins Dewell Plastic Cyclone Head , 25mm
P104044 Plastic cassettes for plastic cyclones, 25mm
P101010 Dorr Oliver Cyclone assembly (2 stage cyclone & aluminium frame) 37mm
P104096 Plastic cassettes for plastic cyclones, 37mm
P101011 Nylon Respirable Cyclone (10mm) Dorr Oliver Style (requires P101014)
P101014 Universal Cassette and Cyclone Holder
P101016 Calibration Jar for Dorr Oliver cyclones
P101012 Aluminum Cyclone for Respirable Dust, 37mm
P101013 Aluminium cyclone for Respirable Dust with Holder , 37mm
P101015 Aluminum Cyclone Calibration Chamber
P101017 Replacement Grit Pots for aluminium cyclone, pack 25
P101018 Replacement O rings for Aluminium cyclone
P118200 Conical Inhalable Sampler (CIS)
P118201 Plastic cassette for CIS  (Conical Inhalable Sampler)
P118204 PUF PM2.5 filters (foam inserts) for CIS 
P118203 PM2.5 Cassette for CIS
P118208 PUF respirable (foam inserts) for CIS 
P118207 Respirable cassette for CIS
P118206 PUF PM10 filters (foam inserts) for CIS, Pack 10
P118205 PM10 cassette for CIS