Field Rotameters (Calibration Devices)

We have a range of flow meters to calibrate your personal sampling pump in the field. It is recommended that all pumps are calibrated pre and post sample.

Part Number Description Also Requires
CM344 Flowmeter, 0-4 litres/min  P109028  Calibration Adaptor
P111014 Flowmeter, 0.6-5 litres/min  100890B Flowmeter Stand
182088A Flowmeter, 0.3-3.0 litres/min 100890B Flowmeter Stand
P111015 Flowmeter 100-1000cc/min 2” scale  P111018  Brass Adaptor
P111016 Flowmeter 50-500cc/min 2” scale P111018  Brass Adaptor
P111017 Flowmeter 10-100cc/min 2” scale  P111018  Brass Adaptor
P111018 Flowmeter Adaptor Brass    
P109028 Inhalable Sampling Head Calibration Adaptor    
100890B Flowmeter Stand