Cassette Housing

Blank Sampling Cassette Housings

Sampling cassettes are a convenient way of taking air samples as the filter media are protected and the cassette also doubles up as a transportation device when the sample is sent to the laboratory. Standard styrene cassettes are available either to accept 25mm or 37mm filters in 2 or 3 sections. We also carry cassettes in solvent resistant polypropylene, conductive carbon filled polycarbonate or opaque styrene. See more

Pre-Loaded Cassette Housings

Available in 25mm or 37mm sizes in 2 or 3 sections. These convenient cassettes are available with different filter media; MCE, PVC, Glass fibre, Polycarbonate and PTFE dependent upon application. See more

Pre-Weighed Filter Cassettes

Pre-weighed cassettes eliminate the inconvenience of pre-weighing filters for gravimetric analysis. Each 37mm cassette is pre-loaded with a PVC filter weighed to within 10µg. The weight and serial number is posted on the cassette label. See more

Matched Weighed Cassettes

Each cassette contains 2 filters which are matched in weight. After sampling the user will weigh both filters. The difference in weight of the two filters will determine the sample amount. Available in 37mm size, either 2 or 3 piece with MCE or PVC filters. See more