Impingers & Bubblers

Impingers are glass tubes designed to collect airborne contaminants by bubbling the sampled air though an adsorbing liquid. This is then analysed to determine contaminant level. Please consult your standardised method.

Part NumberDescription
P109053 Standard Midget Glass 5ml Increments
P109054 Fritted Midget Glass Bubbler 5ml Increments
P100011 Arnold Bubbler (Impinger Equivalent)
P109018 Activated Carbon Trap
P109050 Threaded Midget Impinger
P109051 Threaded Midget Bubbler
P109052 Spill Resistant Midget Impinger
P101058 PFA Midget Impinger 60ml
P109055 Holster for Bubblers/Impingers