Asbestos Kit Solutions

Asbestos remains one of the most problematic health hazards in domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings today. Disturbing materials containing asbestos releases the harmful fibres into the air and great care must be taken during removal, planned refurbishment and maintenance.

Casella have created an application specific personal sampling kit which can be used to sample the air for asbestos. Samples are drawn onto gridded MCE filters and sent off for analysis to ascertain the fibre count in the air. The instruments are easy to use and enable monitoring to be undertaken in accordance with MDHS 39/4.

P104130 Asbestos Sampling Kit comprises of:

  • Tuff Pump & Charger
  • Flowmeter 0-4l/min
  • Calibration Adaptor
  • Gridded MCE Filters
  • Asbestos Sampling Cowl