Dust Kit Solution

Many industrial and construction sites have the potential to generate potentially harmful levels of suspended dusts which can be of risk to employees. Under the COSHH regulations and as part of a company’s overall risk assessment procedures, it is essential to monitor, control and reduce these risks.

Casella have created an application specific sampling kit which can be used to sample the air for most generally occurring dust in accordance with MDHS 14/3. Samples are taken onto pre-weighed GFA filters which are then sent off for weighing. The instruments are easy to use and enable monitoring to be undertaken in accordance with all relevant UK guidance notes and procedures.

P104128 Dust Kit comprises of:

  • Tuff pump & charger
  • Inhalable Sampling Head
  • Cyclone Head
  • Flowmeter 0-4l/min
  • Calibration Adaptor
  • Cassettes
  • GFA Filters & MCE Filters