Solvent & Vapour Kit Solutions

All sites that deal with or handle chemicals have the potential to expose their staff to occupational hazards from vapours and gases. Both organic and inorganic compounds can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Under the COSHH regulations and as part of a company’s overall risk assessment procedures, it is essential to monitor, control and reduce these risks.

Casella have created an application specific sampling kit which can be used to sample the air for organic solvents, vapours and gases. Samples can be taken onto sorbent tubes, or Tedlar Gas Bags and sent off for analysis to ascertain the chemicals and/or the concentration present in the air. The instruments are easy to use and enable monitoring to be undertaken in accordance with EH40 and the relevant MDHS/NIOSH or OSHA guidance notes and procedures.

P104123 Solvent and Vapour Kit comprises of:

  • Tuff pump and charger
  • Flowmeter 50-500ml/min
  • Flowmeter Adaptor, brass
  • Low Flow Adaptor
  • Charcoal Sorbent Tubes
  • Silica Gel Sorbent Tubes